By The Campfire - Rich & Chocolate-y

rich & chocolatey

I won’t beat around the bush. This is a s’mores latte. For those of you who may not be accustomed to this delightful summer treat, a s’more is made by smashing a toasted marshmallow and chocolate between two graham crackers, traditionally while at a campfire. Chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker… Why not add some coffee too?


8oz graham cracker infused milk

  • 60g graham crackers
  • 500g milk

20g chocolate sauce

Double shot of espresso

Cherry wood smoke

Marshmallow flush for rim

Crushed graham cracker for rim


Begin by combining your graham crackers and milk together before setting aside to steep for 30 minutes. Once steeped, strain through a sieve. Add marshmallow fluff to a portion of your serving cup’s rim and then roll in finely crushed graham cracker. In your serving cup, combine chocolate sauce and espresso. Steam milk to desired temperature and add to drink while leaving a bit of headroom. Infuse the drink with cherry wood smoke for 30-40 seconds before removing the smoker. Sip and enjoy.

rich & chocolatey

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@morgandrinkscoffee Who needs pumpkin spice whEN YOU HAVE SMORES? #barista #coffee ♬ deep in it - berlioz & Ted Jasper
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