Royal Hour - Floral & Tart

floral tart

Truly, if there’s a way for me to put bergamot oil into a drink, I will be putting bergamot into that drink. The structure of this coffee beverage pulls from the classic cocktail sour build. A citrus, a simple, a coffee base, and an egg white make this a tart, refreshing drink deserves to be sipped in the waning sun.


3/4oz lemon juice

3/4oz Earl Grey infused simple syrup

2oz cold brew

1 egg white

Flowers for garnish


Combine all the ingredients into a shaker to emulsify. You can achieve this by vigorously shaking without ice (dry shaking) or using a hand-held frother until the egg white has broken down into a light colored foam. Add ice and shake again until fully chilled. Strain into a coup and serve up. Add edible flowers or a spritz of rose water. Sip and enjoy.

floral tart

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