I bought a cotton candy machine specifically for this drink and I regret nothing


Blue Milk

2oz chilled darjeeling tea

3/4oz simple syrup

1oz heavy cream

1oz coconut cream

3/4oz lemon juice

1 egg white

Dash of orange blossom water

Blue Spirulina for color


Cherry sugar


Place tea, syrup, both creams, lemon OBW, egg white, and a sprinkle of spirulina into a shaker. Dry shake or froth with a hand frother to emulsify, this should take 30 seconds. Add ice to the shaker and shake again until fully chilled. Double strain and garnish with cotton candy on the rim.

The cotton candy garnish on this drinks is representative of the red mineral deposits on Crait (fun fact: the specific mineral is called rhodocrosite)

The drink is delicious without it but if you're the kind of person that has a personal cotton candy maker, it's very worth making for the theater of the drink.

If you want to go an extra mile, lightly spritz the cotton candy with water as you serve it, creating red droplets that settle on top of the drink.