Elderflower Rose Espresso Tonic Recipe - Floral & Refreshing

 Espresso Tonic

Espresso tonics have become a summer staple on cafe menus for good reason. Sparkling and versatile, they can really adapt to whatever flavors you want to add. This time we’re leaning into florals. 


  • Double shot of espresso - roughly 40g
  • 15g of rose syrup
  • 250mls of elderflower tonic
  • Candied lime wheel
  • Large ice cubes


Fill a highball glass with large ice cubes. Add rose syrup first and then fill with elderflower tonic. Be sure to leave enough room to layer in your espresso. Using a spoon to avoid agitation, slowly pour your espresso on top of the tonic. Garnish with a candied lime wheel and stir carefully before enjoying.


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